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foto1S.A.I.C.I. has been active for over 30 years in the field of design and construction of machines and special systems for industry and the construction sector.

S.A.I.C.I. machines and systems, in the most varied and demanding applications, have made their mark worldwide due to their high technological content, innovation quality and service. 


The S.A.I.C.I. technological department makes use of advanced instruments that include CAD - CAM systems, finished element structural calculation, and a series of programmes and procedures developed and fine-tuned by over 200 projects for machines and systems realized in over 25 years of business.
In many cases, S.A.I.C.I. products are recognized as the most reliable and bestperforming, such as the rotary heads of the SHR series, or the mixers and desanders for bentonitic slurry of the SD series, which are certainly the most appreciated and widely sold in the world. S.A.I.C.I. has also gained substantial experience in the design of crawler undercarriages. The S series has 20 models and 6 versions with either fixed or variable tracks.

foto2The production of machines has recently been enhanced by new self-propelled pumps for concrete on tracks, called SCP. These new machines are to be used with the C.F.A. technique and represent the best and most evolved product the market has to offer.
S.A.I.C.I., thanks to its vast experience, is able to create the most widely varied types of equipment and machines, and to resolve any sort of problem quickly with efficient and reliable solutions and systems, with the right relationship of quality to price.


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